Year Project Client City
2017 Hellcrest II: The Alchemy of Insanity Notch Los Angeles
2017 Kill The Noise Visuals Kill The Noise Los Angeles
2017 The Chainsmokers – Memories Do Not Open Tour The Chainsmokers North America
2017 Spotify Grammy Party Spotify Los Angeles
2017 Amazon Web Services AWS Sales Kick Off Party AWS Las Vegas
2016 Amazon Web Services AWS re:Play 2016 AWS Las Vegas
2016 Amazon Web Services AWS re:Invent / re:Play – The Bridge AWS Las Vegas
2016 Intel – Stage Control at AWS re:Play AWS Las Vegas
2016 NYE17 with Brownies & Lemonade Brownies and Lemonade Los Angeles
2016 The Chainsmokers at Los Angeles Convention Center The Chainsmokers Los Angeles
2016 MLG Vegas – End Game Party MLG Las Vegas
2016 Zhu at The Shrine Zhu Los Angeles
2016 Skrillex Guns N’ Roses Skrillex Houston
2016 Deadmau5 Visuals Deadmau5 Worldwide
2016 Riot Games GRC Afterparty Riot Games Los Angeles
2016 Zhu Neon City Tour Zhu United States
2016 Notch’s Birthday Party Notch Los Angeles
2016 Factory 93 Warehouse Party Insomniac Los Angeles
2016 Insomniac – Beyond Wonderland Insomniac San Bernadino
2016 Notch’s San Francisco Houseparty Notch San Francisco
2016 Epic Games – GDC Afterparty Epic Games San Francisco
2016 Red Mars Notch Beverly Hills
2016 Marley Natural Launch Party Marley Natural Los Angeles
2015 .party() – Los Angeles Notch Los Angeles
2015 The Game Awards Afterparty Game Awards Los Angeles
2015 Jack Ü Fall Tour Jack Ü Los Angeles
2015 Kill the Noise Visuals Kill the Noise Los Angeles
2015 Skrillex Day of the Dead Skrillex Los Angeles
2015 Creatures of Hellcrest Notch Beverly Hills
2015 ‘Super Space Melee’ Video Game Intel Las Vegas
2015 Amazon Web Services AWS re:Invent / re:Play 2015 AWS Las Vegas
2015 Zedd True Colors Tour Zedd Worldwide
2015 Gamescom Party Koln
2015 E3 Party Los Angeles
2015 AWS San Francisco Summit AWS San Francisco
2015 Ultra Miami – Skrillex Skrillex Miami
2015 Ultra Miami – Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Miami
2015 AWS Sales Kickoff Party AWS Seattle
2015 Notch’s Housewarming Party Notch Los Angeles
2015 Jack Ü Madison Square Garden Jack Ü New York
2014 AWS re:Play AWS Las Vegas
2014 Intel at AWS re:Invent / re:Play 2014 Intel Las Vegas
2014 Skrillex Halloween Skrillex San Francisco
2014 – Gamescom Afterparty Cologne
2014 Skrillex Festival Run Skrillex Worldwide
2014 Zedd Festival Run Zedd Worldwide
2014 Skrillex Mothership Tour Skrillex Worldwide
2014 Skrillex Redbull Documentary Skrillex Los Angeles
2014 Coachella – Skrillex Skrillex Indio
2014 Coachella – Zedd Zedd Indio
2014 Coachella – Duck Sauce Duck Sauce Indio
2014 .party() – San Francisco Notch San Francisco
2014 – GDC San Francisco
2013 .party() – Orlando Notch Orlando
2013 Minecon – Mojang Mojang Orlando
2013 Skrillex Pumpkin Skrillex Los Angeles
2013 Zedd Moment of Clarity Tour Zedd Worldwide
2013 – E3 Los Angeles
2013 .party() – San Francisco Notch San Francisco
2013 Dog Blood Festival Run Dog Blood Worldwide
2013 (Red) Grammy Party (Red) Los Angeles
2012 .party() – Paris Notch Paris
2012 Skrillex Spooky Tings Skrillex Denver
2012 .party() – Seattle Notch Seattle
2012 Skrillex Spaceship Skrillex Worldwide
2012 Notch – GDC Notch San Francisco
2011 Minecon Afterparty Las Vegas
2011 Skrillex Cell Skrillex Worldwide
2011 Minecraft – PAX Notch Seattle
2011 Alienware + Twitch – PAX Alienware & Twitch Seattle
2011 S2 Games + Twitch – E3 S2 Games Los Angeles
2011 Versus Los Angeles
2010 Mad Decent Block Party LA Mad Decent Los Angeles
2008 DANCEISM Los Angeles