Minecon – Mojang

When Markus Persson (Notch) and Mojang approached us to take on Minecon 2013, we were ready. Procuring the 90,000 sq. foot Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL and working alongside art director Greg Aronowitz, Production Club produced a world-class two-day conference consisting of 53 break-out sessions, 30+ exhibitors, and 8,000 attendees – the majority of which were an especially demanding audience: children. The Convention Center was outfitted with several custom-made interactive elements to explore and delight offering life-sized Minecraft experiences to many for the first time. This included entrances and exits outfitted with high-powered fog and purple light, transforming the doorways into Nether portals, familiar to gamers who play Minecraft as a means to cross between realms. After the first day of the conference, Production Club rented out Universal Orlando Resort and coordinated transport to let all 8,000 attendees take over the park.