Devcon V

For Devcon V, Production Club teamed up with the Ethereum Foundation in Osaka Japan to create an exciting and immersive experience for attendees. For the global blockchain community, Devcon is much more than a developer conference. It’s a setting to share new ideas and refine the existing paradigms about how decentralized applications work, develop and grow. But first and foremost to nerd out hard af.

If you love knowing all the deets and words in general, you’ll get a kick out of this… If not:

#TLDR Devcon V was a blast.

Taking inspiration from the graphic treatments provided by the Ethereum team, our approach centered on emergence. An emergence seen when individual lines converge to become shapes, and as Ethereum continues to develop and grow as a decentralized platform to support new applications. We brought the concept of “emergence” to life for the keynote stage design. Emergence was the term that guided during development as Ethereum continues to emerge as a leading (global) crytocurrency and as a platform for uses beyond currency exchange. Using the Ethereum emblem as our foundation, we created larger-than-life physical forms that both emerged from the stage and crystallized from a framework to solid volumes, to create a dynamic visual experience of color and light. This year’s Decompression Room is a place to relax and unwind. Inspired by the practice of shinrin-yoku, which means “taking in the forest,” this space is filled with natural elements washed in gradients of color. PC used the Ethereum logo to create 3D-printed test models that later became the full scale “centerpiece” of the decompression room. We shot directional light through the structure and washed the decompression room with patterned shadows and soft light.