Skrillex ‘Mothership Tour” vol. II: Spaceship MK3

Skrillex, about to embark on his North American Mothership tour, was in need of a new show design and set piece (DJ booth). As Production Club had previously designed and produced the DJ a realtime mo-cap and projection-mapping cell, a 12 foot pumpkin DJ booth, and the original spaceship DJ booth for his 2012 world tour, he once again approached the team for a new stage and show design. With Skrillex’s desire of wanting to continue his fleet of extraterrestrial vessels, Production Club designed a second interactive spaceship DJ booth. Aptly named The Dark Fighter, this particular spacecraft had the ability to move up and down, extending up to 20’ above the stage. After design, Production Club worked with Tait Towers to have the ship fabricated in just three weeks, with the majority of the build finished at a studio in Downtown Los Angeles. The Skrillex mothership, which debuted at the DJ’s headlining Friday night set at Coachella (2014), was further personalized with signature graffiti and lined with LED lighting for a futuristic, street-art feel. The ship filled six 53’ trucks when disassembled and divided for transport across the country.