The Chainsmokers – World War Joy Tour

Read here what Billboard and AD have to say about WORLD WAR JOY.

For 9 months we worked alongside The Chainsmokers to put together the World War Joy Tour. This included, stage design, lighting design, visuals, and even finding a logo that represents The Chainsmokers not just for this tour, but forever. It took countless night sessions, countless amounts of coffee, countless amounts of ideas, countless meetings, designers in three time zones and two continents, and one Globe of Death to finalize the project. 

The creative drive behind the design of World War Joy was the juxtaposition of beauty and darkness. That is also reflected in the use of color throughout the show. The lighting and visual storytelling supports the journey from war to joy that the crowd is being lead through. Check out the color script for World War Joy

We had the unique opportunity to be working with the legendary Urias Family and their absolutely insane Globe of Death.

The sculptural piece in the center of the stage was inspired by a “czech hedgehog”, which was used as an anti-tank obstacle in WW2. Our czech hedgehog we named ICON (which is czech for illusion, color gradient and joyful war structure… jk) because we covered it in a special polychromatic material that reflects light in a different color depending on the angle. It’s like real life magic.






All photos by Danilo Lewis