Notch’s Hellcrest Party vol. III: The World Above and Below

Atonal rhythms bubble up from below and creatures and guests alike writhe and thrash beneath the pale moonlight. Skulls don the shadowy halls of HELLCREST where Acolytes, Hellhounds and Fey creatures commingle with guests until their demise. For Hellcrest 2019, guests are lured into the lavish estate via the “conjuring meadow.” Bathed in fog and moonlight, capricious cult members emerge from behind runes that are etched with pagan symbols. Upon entry, guests are greeted by contorted manimal figures moving in the shadow. Druid Lord Notch fills his guests with nectarous “spirits,” savory fare and entrances them with heinous amusements. Once guests are mesmerized by his offerings, a most unholy ritual begins to unfold. From an unseen portal emerge foul-smelling beasts with human flesh on their breath and the victim sacrament commences. There are whispers of a secret cult forming in the Hollywood Hills under the hand of Druid Lord Notch. The allure of immortality has swayed him towards a dark path of spirituality that honors pagan ritual and bloodthirsty deities. Under the premise of a party, DL Notch has prepared an unholy ceremony of human sacrifice of all humans who dare attend his opulent diversion. This is Hellcrest III “The World Above and Below.”

All photos by Caesar Sebastian