Intersect Festival 2019

In 2019, we concepted, designed, and produced Amazon’s first ever music festival.  We called it “Intersect.”  Amazon Web Services (AWS) is known as a cloud computing platform, but connecting people with music is a part of their DNA.  We had the idea to leverage the infrastructure that was already being used from the re:Play party we have been doing since 2014. Creating a music festival from re:Play was a natural evolution for both AWS and Production Club. 


Our goal for Intersect was to seamlessly blend music, art and technology for a unique festival experience.  To achieve this, we brought in music artists from multiple genres, curated digital art installations and designed a diverse array of interactive and tech experiences.  The festival spanned across 1 million square feet and had over 15,000 attendees.

We built two 60’ tall megastructures and a large tent with VIP lounges and stages that featured artists like  Kacey Musgraves, Foo Fighters, Gesaffelstein, Kaytranada, H.E.R., Beck, Anderson .Paak, Chanel Tres, and Jamie XX.  Our “Experience” structure had games and activities including a ball pit with 200,000 balls, a retro arcade and a large scale video game we developed called Button Mash.  It also housed a state-of-the-art light installation by Nonotak and an immersive laser show called  “Lost & Photon.”

Outside in the courtyard, guests played “Battleball” in a dystopian structure with pyrotechnics and live Taiko drumming. We erected a giant 60’ tall video monolith that displayed futuristic 3D art from a global community of artists including Beeple, Yulia Shur, OUCHHH, Destruction Club and Kytten Janae.  Tigrelab provided a 360 interactive video installation and we worked with Intel to create a drone show featuring 500 drones set to the music of Kacy Musgraves.  In the Dome, electronic acts like SOPHIE provided the soundtrack to an all-night light and laser show.

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